The Wicker Man


How can we avoid to list The Wicker Man as the first movie recommended on a pagan website? This 1973 classic (directed by Robin Hardy) is still today an impressive movie: nothing of the original strenght has been lost in time and everytime you watch it is just like the first time

The story, for those who have not seen it yet (shame on you!Go watch it immediately!) shows us a very devout, or rather pofoundly bigoted, scottish policeman going to Summerisle Island to investigate the disappearing of a young girl, Rowan Morrison. Here the most christian law enforcer is confronted by a community that has abandoned christianity altogether to joyously return to its pagan roots: thoroughly shocked by what he sees and in spite of the numerous attempts of the locals to save him, the policeman will just run to his perdition.

Everything in this movie is perfect, from the wonderful soundtrack to a sharp photography, from the direction to an inspired acting everything contributes in creating an unforgettable atmosphere where the scene is set for the contrast between the main characters, the policeman and Lord Summerisle (an exceptional Christopher Lee), which is actually the contrast between two religious systems, two views of the world.

Unfortunately the movie is not well known in Italy, due to the fact that it was never dubbed to be distributed in this country (is anyone amazed? I don't think so...): you can only find some subtitle files made by fans over the internet for those who can't just follow the movie in english.

You can't miss seeing this.