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More events at Treadwell's in London

Wednesday 19 September
A Household of Witches? The Leimbach Case and Witch belief
Dr Alison Rowlands (University of Essex)
This talk explores our current understanding of the witch-hunts by unpacking a particularly interesting example: the 1652 trial of the Leimbach household who lived in a village near Rothenburg in Germany. The Leimbachs were accused by a neighbouring child: what motivated the accusation and what does the trial tell us about conflicts in the community? What were the different members accused of, and what does this say about the ways in which witchcraft was imagined at the time? And finally, what was the fate of the family, and what does this tell us about how seriously the city council took the alleged threat of witchcraft? This is a richly detailed story that will challenge and complicate our understanding of early modern witch-hunting in many respects.  Dr Alison Rowlands is Senior Lecturer in European History at the University of Essex and a leading scholar in the history of witchcraft. We welcome her to Treadwell's for the first time.
Price: £7
Time: 7.15 for 7.30 start

Saturday, 22 September
Autumn Equinox: Custom, Lore, Magic
One-Day Workshop with Suzanne Corbie
Spend the day immersed in the ancient lore of the autumn equinox.  You will be treated to folklore, traditional customs, pagan spiritual meanings -- and for ways in which it is celebrated in the present as well as in the past. It includes illustrated lecture, handouts,  meditation and some traditional craft work. A full-participation ceremony completes the day. You will leave with solid knowledge and experiental workings which you can bring to your personal life. Ideal if you love folk customs, or if you are studying as a pagan. Suzanne Corbie is a practising Wiccan Priestess with over 37 years' experience. She brings a wealth of information and personal insight.
Price: £35 (£20 deposit, balance due on the day)
Time: 11 am - 5.30pm.

Saturday 29 September
At the Centre of Chaos
A Chaos Magick Workshop with Nikki Wyrd
This day goes into depth working with practices used in chaos magick, working with a core set of tools, namely  stillness, focus and banishing. These are explored with practice, approached from a Chaos Magick perspective.  Nikki Wyrd has been intensely involved in group magickal practices for over two decades. A lifelong member of the Illluminates of Thanateros, she is currently head of the British Isles Section.
Price: £45 (£25 deposit, balance due on the day)
Time: 11 am - 5.30 pm

Wednesday 3 October
The Curse of the Mummy: Rumour and Truth in the Victorian Era
Professor Roger Luckhurst (London)
Before Tutankhamen, there were two stories about English gentlemen adventurers in Egypt who allegedly suffered curses from objects brought back from Egypt. Their lives have never been properly researched before. This talk recovers the case of Thomas Douglas Murray, the man who bought the fateful 'Unlucky Mummy' in 1865 and which still resides in the British Museum, and the soldier Walter Ingram, who fought in the Zulu Wars and the Gordon Relief, and was killed by an elephant in 1888, allegedly in fulfillment of a curse. This talk aims to recover the uncanny true stories of their lives. Roger Luckhurst is a professor of literature and cultural history at Birkbeck College, University of London. His book, The Mummy's Curse: The True History of a Dark Fantasy, appears from OUP in October 2012.
Price: £7
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

Saturday 6 October
Beelzebub & the Beast: Crowley & Gurdjieff
Starfire day of talks, evening party
Come to an afternoon of talks followed by an evening party to launch Beelzebub and the Beast, a comparative study of Gurdjieff and Crowley. The late David Hall wrote it in the mid-1970s but it never saw publication in his lifetime. Starfire proudly release it now for the first time. Hall was a founder and editor of the Thelemic magazine Sothis which flourished in the 1970s. The afternoon programme will consist of talks on Crowley, Gurdjieff, and related themes. The evening party follow. More details will appear atStarfire Publishing.

Sunday 7  October
Herbal Magic: Artemis - Mugwort
Workshop with Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton
Artemis: she’s all faces of the moon, the dark and the light and all that’s in between. Her most prolific plant, mugwort, contains her secrets. This workshop looks at Artemis and her roots to gain a better understanding of the Artemesia genus, particularly the remarkable Mugwort. In an afternoon of talk, tastings and creative writings, students will learn mugwort's magical and medicinal applications --  and do some magic. Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton are lively teachers who are witchy herbalists with over twenty years of clinical experience. They run classes, ceremonies and apprenticeships through Sensory Solutions, their educational community-interest company.
Price: £25
Time: 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Wednesday, 10 October
Your Own Hypnosis & Trance Induction: for Magical Practitioners
Mark Smith

A practical evening teaching hypnosis methods to self-induce trance states and to work on unconscious mind patterns, in your magical practice. Techniques will enhance intensify your ritual and results-oriented workings --  in chaos magic, shamanic journeying, general meditation or witchcraft. Practical exercises mean you can immediately apply these methods.  Mark Smith is a professional clinical hypnotherapist, professional drummer, gym addict and chaos magician who teaches regularly at Treadwell's. This is an outstanding opportunity from someone with experience and skill.
Price: £10
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

Thursday 11 October
Albedo: Alchemical Quartet - II
Paul Cowlan
Tonight's speaker is a spiritual alchemist for nearly 30 years, and his lively illustrated lectures bring alchemy's symbols and imagery to life. So what is albedo, the whitening phase? Emerging from the gloom and doom of the Nigredo the raven begins to turn white, with grey, blue, and even green. There are unicorns, doves, swans, lilies, and Juno's peacock's tail. Albedo is the Moon, the Queen of Sheba, the wisdom of the night. If you are intrigued by alchemical manuscript images, come be enlightened and inspired. Attendance at the first lecture not necessary. Paul Cowlan.
Price: £7
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

Wednesday 6 June
Tarot Foundation Course for Beginners
Diana Taylor
Learn to read tarot with a gifted, experienced teacher. In an active class, you learn the mystical symbolism of the tarot cards, the visual language of their codes and archetypes.  By the end of the eight-week course, students can do basic readings and use tarot in meditation. Includes practice sessions, homework, handouts, and backup support. TutorDiana Taylor has been reading tarot for nearly twenty years, and her courses receive rave reviews. Eight Wednesday evenings, starting 17 October. Course outline.
Price: £160 (£80 deposit, balance due on first night)
Time: 6.45pm for a 7.00pm start