Events in London

Monday 13 August
Nemoralia: Festival of Torches
A Talk and Ceremony with Caroline Wise
Tonight marks the Ancient Roman festival in honour of the goddess Diana. The ancient rite took place in a sacred grove in the Alban Hills at Lake Nemi, also called Diana’s Mirror, and on this night priestesses would process down through the woods carrying lamps. Tonight we will be focusing on Diana as a lunar deity, her relevance to London, and to modern pagans.   Diana is integral to the foundation legends of London, and Caroline Wise has been observing this day of Diana in London in various ways since the 1980s. Caroline will give an introductory talk, andwill lead a ceremony, which will be followed by food and wine.  We especially welcome people who are just beginning to explore ritual  - newcomers are warmly welcomed.
Price: £10

Thursday 16 August

My Life with Baphomet
Nikki Wyrd
This talk explores the journey of one chaos magician, and reveals what transpired when she looked into the stories around and behind Baphomet, a major deity in the ritual practices of the Illuminates of Thanateros. Seen as the spirit of all life on our planet, this deity opens up a  fractal understanding of our place in evolutionary time, and gives a deep sense of ecological connectedness. One magician's perceptions and adventures are tonight revealed.  Nikki has been intensely involved in group magickal practices for over two decades. A lifelong member of the Illluminates of Thanateros, she is currently head of the British Isles Section.

Price: £7

Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start
Where: Treadwell Books, 33 Store Street, WC1E 7BS London, United Kingdom