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The Pagan Pride Italia was born as an informal association at the beginning of 2001 and on semptember of the same year starts organizing, together with the International Pagan Pride Project the first Italian Pagan Pride Day, which is therefore the first self declared pagan event open to the general public ever held in Italy. The following year, during the second edition, we also celebrated the first pagan handfasting ever in Italy, ie the first wedding according to a pagan tradition.

Between 2004 and 2006 the Association, which has in the meantime incorporated as a Cultural Association according to the local legislation, organizes the Sacred Fires Summer Camp on the Appennino Mountains near Parma and starts organizing seminars and workshops in different cities around the country. It also starts cooperating with other associations that are gradually coming out in Italy.

Following this spirit of cooperation, the Pagan Pride Italia has from the very beginning been amongst the founders of the PaganItaliani.net project, whose aim is to improve the visibiliy of the pagan and neopagan movement in Italy as a whole