Spirituality and Politics

I have always honestly thought this to be one of those obvious subjects, to the point of making any discussion on the matter completely useless; I regularly find myself to be severely mistaken and reality keeps bringing up to my attention new reasons why it is instead important to make a number of points on the subject really clear.

To begin with, pagan spirituality is not connected to any political orientation: the research we are doing is exclusively an inner one, a path of growth that has no reference whatsoever to any political party or movement. Obviously each one of us, just like anyone else, has their own ideas and sympathies as far as politics go, but there is no generalized stance per se, nor could there ever be one.

It is in fact fundamental for us as pagans, to support a concept which is essential to any democracy, ie the complete separation of State and Church: without this fundamental requirement it is not possible to have a true religious freedon, as it can be easily seen in any nation where there are interferences from religious organizations in matters of State or, worse even, political parties based on religious confessions.

History has taught us through the millennia, and keeps on teaching us, the horrors that happen when there is no deparation of church and state: as pagans, in the past two thousand years we have always been the victims of such horrors.

The one and only guarantee allowing anyone to practice their own faith without fear is the complete independence of the State, so that it can be a referee above all parties and it can prevent discriminations or worse.

It is therefore obvious that being pagans, exactly for what we have just stated, can't be considered as a form of adhesion to any kind of political doctrine per se, of any possible orientation.

Our path is a spiritual, inner one, that is aimed to empower the divine in ourselves and makes us live in harmony with the world around us. The way that each of us finds to balance this path with his own personal political ideas is essentially private to each single pagan, and does not involve paganism as such.
There are spiritual movements that, for different reasons, join political factions and expect their followers to do likewise: at the same time there are movements whose closeness with some political factions is such that, to the general public, the followers of these movements are simply the same with the followers of those factions.

It is a choice we do not agree with and that does not belong to us in any way. The only political stance that, as pagans, we support and always will is that politics and spirituality must be two separate things, in the best interest of all. Any attempt to give a political connotation of any kind, as it's often the fashion in Italy, what is a purely spiritual movement must be considered a strain from the outside, which we as pagans can only refuse on a matter of principle.

What is essential to us is the freedom and individual responsability: each of us make their own choices according to their own conscience, and is therefore the sole responsible of the consequences of said choices.