The Italian Pagan Pride Day Italiano traditionally takes place on the closest Saturday to Mabon (Autumn Equinox) in Rome, Villa Pamphili, in the area in front of the Casino Corsini.

Here is the program for the year 2016:

10.30  Gathering and Welcome
11.30-13.00  Seminars:

Area A: Dancing the Sacred Circle: Individual and Group Improvisation Within the Ritual Space
Area B: Arminizing wht the Runes: a Primer of Basic Techniques
Area C: For a Pagan Cultural Revolution

13.15 PPD Public Ritual
14.00 Potluck Dinner
15.30 Group Dance: The Circle of Spirits
16.30 Performance by Tengri Tribe
18.00 Closing and Parting

We would like to remind that to participate a donation is required for our charity drive. This goes to a local animal shelter, therefore the donation should be in pet food (canned or croquettes) for either cats or dogs. We also require you to bring your drinking horn or ritual cup and something for the pot luck dinner, either food or drink: previous year experiences suggests that salty food is to be preferred to sweets and desserts (especially pies), but we leave the final decision to your discretion.

We also remind you that, for obvious reasons, the Pagan Pride Day is to be considered a strictly no blades event, so we invite you to leave at home your athames and any other kind of ritual blade. You are very welcome to bring your drums instead, to create a big drum circle and celebrate the season and, if you want to, other musical instruments as well.