Since December 8th 2005 Pagan Pride Italia has launched in Italy the Pagan Moots, something that has been enjoying considerable success all over the world for quite a long time now.Basically a Moot is a meeting with a fixed date (typically once a month) in a public venue, a pub or similar, where participants gather without the need to inform everyone every single time.

The fixed date allows to do away with all the leghty discussions that so often arise when there is the need to cohordinate many people: since the time and date of the meeting is known to all, everyone can adjust their schedules accordingly.

The Moot is also a great chance for new people to be introduced into a community: a meeting where everyone knows they are going to meet other pagans you can chat with easily in front of a pint of beer.

In the calendar of the website PaganItaliani you will find the updated list of the Moots currently active in Italy.