The Nolympics

There have been many discussions in the latest months about the opportunity to boycott the olympic games organized by China for 2008, especially after the latest, brutal repression of the requests of more independence coming from Tibet.

On one side, many governments have taken a stance, often determined by their respective political affinity with the system of government existing in China, but all of them have inevitably been betrayed by the actual facts; on the other side, the International Olympic Committee has quite often issued a number of statement whose essence was, in a word, leave polytics outside the olympics.The matter, under a more specifically pagan point of view, is actually quite simple. The most acute of readers will have noticed that, so far, the terms "olympic games" and "olympics" have been written without a capital letter: this is not due to chance or distraction.
The Olympics have always been a sacred truce amongst men in order to allow for the celebration of the Games in honour of the Gods. In a country where human rights are trampled underfoot, simply the Olympics cannot take place. What is being celebrated these days in Beijing is simply a commercial kermesse wanted by a convergence of economic and political reasons: this has nothing to do with the sacred Olympic Games, just like nothing to do with it had the games celebrated in 1936 in Nazi Germany.
Today, just as in those days, we witness the complete impotence of the International Olympic Committee, exactly the one who asks to "keep politics outside the olympics", in front of the pressures made by the economical lobbies and the international political interests: China is a huge market and a rapidly expanding economy, the deals that can be made with the chinese are the one and only reason for which they obtained the organization of the sad farce that during these days is passed under the name of "olympics".
There is not even the need to boycott the Olympics, for the simple reason that right now there is no Olympics. We can only hope that, in future, the Olympic Games can be celebrated once more, but this is not what is happening right now, and the first traitors of the olympic spirit are exactly those responsibles of the International Olympic Committee.
A great signal would have been if all the athletes, in a moment of pride, had decided to desert this empty show en masse, but they did not have the strenght for this, crushed as they are between the pressures coming from the sponsors (economy) and the federations (politics): once again nothing that really has anything to do with sport.
Given all of the above, it sounds especially shallow and hypocritical the call for the fight against doping, which is a bane for the athletes' health first and foremost: athletes which are crushed by these two forces completely unrelated to sport towards the only goal of the "result". How can one really ask then that the game is kept fair?
It always happens that the real problems lie actually in those who lead, not in those who are led: it's just the same here. If there was any olympic spirit actually left, if really they had the sport and the values it represents at heart, the International Olympic Committee and all the national committees and federations should resign en masse.
Obviously this will not happen, and this is why we wonder if we are ever going to see the Olympics celebrated again.