Who We Are

Pagan Pride Italia is a cultural and religious association, without ties with any political party or current and not directly associated to any specific Pagan or Neopagan current.
The Association does not proselytize in any way nor tries to promote Paganism and/or Neopaganism as the one true way, but as one of the many spiritual paths.
It follows that our purpose is to promote education on the culture and philosophy of the pagan and neopagan religions in general, to promote the dialogue with other spiritual paths and to fight against religious discriminations of any kind, fuelled by prejudices and poor knowledge of what said spiritual paths really mean.
To this end we yearly organize, in association with the International Pagan Pride Project, the Italian Pagan Pride Day, a day to promote education on the neopagan spiritual paths and the dialogue ith other spiritual traditions.
Other initiatives, in addition to this main event, are organized during the year, all to the same purpose, like seminars, lectures or summer camps and also the participation to events organized by other pagan associations, always aiming for the maximum cohoperation.
The Association is no profit and all the funds gathered are used solely to pursue the aforementioned ends.