Terry Pratchett is not particularly famous in Italy, which is a shame since he is one of the greatest literary geniuses of the last centuries. Unfortunately his mastery of the language makes it nearly impossible to translate him properly, and most of the humour and the verve he infuses in the pages are lost, so very little of his production is actually available in italian. My one advice is: if you can read english easily, go and buy all of his books; if you can't, learn it as soon as possible. The enjoyment you will get by reading Pratchett in english will be worth the effort.

Taken from what is probably one of his most pagan books set on the Discworld, here we have this english tv production, not avalaible in italian language though. Even though the screen adaptation looses a lot of the humour that Pratchett infuses in the descriptions, still the film is thoroughly enjoyable and, under a mask of levity, makes us think on a lot of the myths permeating our life, their importance and the role they play in regulating it and that we ourselves play in keeping them alive.

The movie is not too easy to find but we have to recommend it warmly, whether you are a Pratchett fan or not: following the adventures of Death trying to substitute Santa or the story of the Tooth Fairy and the Oh God! of hangovers will delight you...