Il Cammino della Strega - Ebook Gratuito

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Grazie alla generosità della nostra amica Amanda Pitto, ormai da tempo un' autrice affermata, siamo in grado di fare un regalo, speriamo gradito, a tutti i nostri lettori. Stregamanda ci ha infatti voluto donare il suo primo libro, quell' Autobiografia di una Strega Italiana che per primo l' ha fatta conoscere. Il libro è da tempo esaurito dai cataloghi online e librari, e Amanda ha voluto rimettervi mano, eliminando le parti che più avevano sofferto del passare del tempo ed aggiungendo qualcosa e, con il nuovo titolo Il Cammino della Strega, è ora disponibile in formato PDF ed in download gratuito per tutti gli amici del Pagan Pride Italia.

Per poter scaricare Il Cammino della Strega in maniera totalmente gratuita è sufficiente cliccare su questo link

PPI support the protest against Progetto Art. 8

Following a deliberation amongst its members, Pagan pride Italia has decided to officially take a stand against Progetto Art. 8 - Unione Comunità Neopagane and to support the protest expressed on the Facebook page Tutto quello che non sai sul Progetto Art. 8

Bring your own standards!

Come to the Pagan Pride bringing your own flags! Be you an association, a coven, a group of of friends, bring on the symbols under which you rally! It doesn't matter  if you draw it with your own hand or you have it printed by some service: what matters is that we can all share our symbols, so that we can give visibility to all our different nuances, which are our greatest strenght.
We are also considering a small contest, to award a prize to the most liked flag!

Time for renewal

As you might have noticed, our website has once again changed its skin and now has new graphics and a new structure. We hope that you will like it and that you will find it easy to use and to understand. Amongst the other changes, you will notice that the forum has gone: it's been a tough decision to make, but it was necessary. The forum was giving has some difficult problems to handle and by now was used in n extremely limited way. Most of the feedback with the users now comes through our Facebook page, so we have decided to favour this approach, integrating it into our layout more efficiently, and have waved the old forum goodbye.

With this new site we prepare for the future, trying to design more and more activities to go with the ones we organize traditionally, ie the Pagan Pride Day and Moots. Keep following us as you have done in these past years, we will strive our best not to betray the trust you put in us.